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When looking for a good fishing spots the best place to start is by using a web browser like Google, Bing, Mapquest and type in fishing spots near me. Moreover, if typing in places to fish near me does not bring you many results, then there is a way to look at the terrain on different digital maps using the same three websites Google, Bing, or Mapquest. To, try the digital map way of finding the best fishing spots, instead of typing in places to fish near me, you would look at the terrain like feeding zones to see where the specific fish you are looking for would be. Furthermore, when using the digital map way of finding fishing areas, you would pull up an area that you like for fishing then print out an area than with a marker be prepared to create a layout for you to use when you are fishing.

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If you do not have a printer you could probably find an app that will allow you to write onto the map using a phone or tablet to help with marking the areas you will need to make sure you can find the right fish. Next, the most crucial step you need to remember is making sure you find feeding zones and not get stuck fishing in an area that does not have any fish. Moreover, the first thing to look for when trying to find places to go fishing is the geography on the map, which can tell you where to look to find the feeding zones that were mentioned earlier. Furthermore, is there is a structure on the map like a barrage of trees or rocks that is usually an area that fish will like to hang out around, so the can use some sort of protection from predators and they can feed on animals that also hide around those different structures.

Fishing Near Me Structures

When looking for different structures on the map it is important to search for points on those structures that would be a great place to mark on the map that you printed out earlier. Moreover, when there is a barrage of trees and there is also points on the map you are looking at to find public fishing, that is an excellent place to mark due to two factors making it more likely that fish would be in that area. As you can already tell the digital map method is a lot more advanced than the where to fish near me method. With that said, the next step is looking at the different structure underwater that is on the map like oyster bars or seagrass. Oyster bars will come up as white areas on the lake or sea floor on a digital map, so it would be important to mark those areas with another logo to know that you have another spot you can find some great fish on the map.

Next, the seagrass will come up as greenish brown areas on the map where plenty of fish love to hide at both predator fish and or non-predator fish will be in these areas, so make sure you mark this area also with a different logo. Whenever there are small white spots within the seagrass those are areas where predator fish will hide to attack non-predator fish making for a great place to mark and pay attention to when using this method to find fish. It is essential to pay attention to what the fish are doing when you are fishing so you can stay on top of the trends they are using to always be one step ahead of the fish.

Fishing Near Me Trends

Take your fishing rod, your water bottle and your boots and go fishing near you on the best spots! The most critical step when using the digital map method of finding reas to fish instead of the fishing near me method, is following the different trends the fish are doing when casting. Furthermore, when you are searching for the different spots you marked on your digital or printed map you can use that to your advantage to catch the fish in areas that you marked. To be exact, if you are in one area on the map and have caught a fish or cannot get a bite you should move to another area on the map that is marked for a great spot to find some fish. While following the different areas you have marked it will help you ensure you can see the trends that the fish are following when using this method. Lastly, it is important to remember that this method can work with a lot of different fish like red or bass fishing, and it will be up to you to learn the different trends the fish follow.